Optimaze buying


Aircraft purchase:

7 steps of  optimization

1. Choosing aircraft. You give us a query – we make the analysis of Your needs for the proper choosing of the business jet.

2. Demo flight. According to Your needs, we will offer aircraft, which meets all Your needs in the best way and organize demo flight in order to evaluate all the advantages and lacks.

3. Negotiations on cost.  We will negotiate on Your behalf for the best possible price and buying terms for chosen aircraft. According to our experience in business aircraft buying/selling field, we usually have negotiated 20-30% off from the first offered price.

4. Evaluation of aircraft state – don’t buy an ugly cat in a nice bag! This evaluation includes a verification of airframe, engine, avionics, equipment, logbook research, maintenance history. Using our contacts we’ll get valuable information about REAL technical condition of chosen aircraft and how long can it fly without additional investments. This information will help You to avoid additional and unexpected expenses for aircraft maintenance. 

5. Documentation and insurance. We prepare the purchase agreement and all the documents needed. Find insurance companies and prepare the documents. „Aviacom“ will organize a delivering of purchased aircraft.  

6. Aircraft registration – low price for European quality. Wesuggest to register Your business jet in the EU register (Lithuania as an option) and start flights for the lowest price in the European Union. We work strictly according to European EASA standards, but can offer competitive prices because operate in Lithuania – the EU country, where costs are 2-3 times less than in Austria or Malta. We don’t have any extra payments for brand like in Vienna or geographic position like in Moscow.

7. Aircraft management – reduce Your expenses 50%. Business jet maintenance and management costs can go up to 30 -70 % because of wrong planning and lack of optimization.  Save up to 1 million $ a year for average business aviation aircraft operating costs applying our „Package of optimization services“.  


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