Cost optimization


Business jet maintenance and management costs can go up to 30 -70 % because of wrong planning and lack of optimization.  

Save up 1 million $ a year for average business aviation aircraft applying our „Package of optimization services“

1. Buying, leasing and selling – reduce price up to 20-30%.
2. Management & registration in the EU – for a half of average European price.
3. Crew training – save up to 60%.
4. AOC services – fuel cost is lower 30-40%, no VAT and excise payments. 
5. Optimization of flight planning and cost-saving parking.
6. Charter flights – way to reduce aircraft maintenance costs and even to make a profit.
7. Discount system.

We will save Your time and money, because operate in Lithuania – the European Union country, where costs are 2-3 times lower than in Austria or Malta. We don’t have any extra payments for brand like in Vienna or geographic position like in Moscow. You will not overpay for aircraft management services choosing „Aviacom“ as your European business aviation partner.

Are You sure, You don’t overpay for Your aircraft management?

25 000 $ per month for food and drinks in a 6 seat business jet, which used to fly once a week with 2 passengers. That was a bill for catering, which for one our client counted his ex management company. 

Check, if  You are not paying 3000 $ for a cup of coffee and biscuit in Your aircraft.

Order the aircraft management cost calculation and in 1 day we’ll evaluate, if You overpay and how Your expenses can be reduced.


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♦ Prices – lower than average European ones

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